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Alexander Krivosheiw

Occupying the limitless space between abstraction and representation, Alexander Krivosheiw 's hand-welded and shaped sculptures are created with the laborious, traditional technique of metal fabrication, yet are balanced by a sophisticated modernity. Krivosheiw effectively expresses the song of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal. Drawing inspiration from varied sources, including ancient Greek cultures and modern design aesthetics, Krivosheiw is intrigued by the fundamental nature of metal 's longevity, strength, and inherent elegance.
- Born in New York in 1976, Alexander Krivosheiw holds a B.A. in Sculpture, graduating with Honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His interest in art began at the age of 15, heavily influenced by his studies of marble sculpting and Greek mythology undertaken in Greece, off the Island of Crete.
- While enrolled at the School of Visual Arts, Krivosheiw embarked upon an intensive seven- year apprenticeship with sculptor Kevin Barrett, where he developed and honed his welding and fabrication skills for large form metal sculpture.
- Krivosheiw has had many private commissions by such leaders as President Bach of the International Olympic Committee. Krivosheiw was commissioned to sculpt the "President's Trophy," which is the most prestigious award given to highly respected and admired global icons, from Presidents and Heads of State, to Royals and the most decorated Olympic athletes of all time.
- Real Estate commissions by Pao Huei, a Taiwanese developer, in which Krivosheiw sculpted a monumental 25 foot mirror polished bronze sculpture for Solitaire on the Park, the largest site in the Seventh District-Taichung Center.
- One of Krivosheiw's greatest honors was helping disadvantaged children express emotion by the abstraction of symbols in the form of sculpture. One sculpture conceptualized by the children was fabricated by Alexander and sold at auction.



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