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Nicole Egert

     Nicole Egert is a contemporary artist from Germany. Her atmospheric seascapes are reflections of nature, memory and emotion. "Living in Germany and the Netherlands, close to the ocean, I am surrounded by beauty and inspiration. I work between my studios in the North of Germany and in a tiny village on an island in South Holland, Netherlands. I love to paint and I have a strong need to create. My work explores memory, emotion and the way a particular place, environment or ever-changing light can affect the way I feel. Since my childhood I am drawn to nature, it has always inspired me to express the peace and rest that I experience. My work is inspired by nature, its strength, its beauty. The light in the sky, the clouds, the sea, the movement of water and the horizon are a great inspiration to my work. My paintings are built up layer by layer, I use brushes and palette knife." Nicole Egert studied Fine Arts and Pedagogics at the University of Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westfalia/Germany.



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