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     DiMarc is a contemporary artist with a very unique style of mixing varies techniques into his modern abstract design. Born in 1987, he has been based in South Florida for the past 14 years.

After several years traveling the world, DiMarc has met thousands of people from many different cultures, creating a complete view and overall understanding of humanity. DiMarc says "These experiences have developed a very unique way of thinking."

DiMarc has been revealing his talents through every industry that he has been involved in, creating solutions and always thinking outside-the-box. His focus has always been to push the limits through experimentation with new materials. His goals are very simple to understand; to create an elegantly simple piece of art for those who feel the love at every drop of paint on each canvas.

"Painting is one of the most beautiful forms of love," he says. "When I paint, I start to express the love through the movements mixed with a wishful thought of my work being hung in someone's house that has already fallen in love with the piece, making unexpected people connect, and that's love"

The love is described as the fuel that continues the journey of unintentional happiness every single day.



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