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     Dimarc is a contemporary self taught artist with a very unique style of mixing varies techniques into his modern abstract design.

Quietly powerful, Dimarc's paintings offer us a pause for reflection while making a compelling statement.

After several years traveling the world, Dimarc has met thousands of people from many different cultures and backgrounds creating a complete view and overall understanding of humanity. He says "These experiences have developed into a very unique way of thinking".

Art has helped Dimarc to express his humane and cultural experiences in a unique way, that's the reason you will see so many different styles and techniques in his work.

"Painting is one of the most beautiful forms of love. "When I paint, I start to express the love through the movements. Being able to create an unexpected and unique piece of art that connects my energy and the viewer is what makes it a loving experience"...Dimarc



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Pineapple Grove Art District


206 N.E 2nd Street, Delray Beach Florida 33444

(561) 278-5700